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Before anyone else, you should be your own priority

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Nurture your heart and mind to lead a joyful life

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Nilesh Goswami

Nilesh Goswami is an Internationally certified coach. He is adept at various techniques including but not limited to , Neuro Liguistic Programming(NLP), Astrology, Stress Management  Memory Techniques, Energy Healing, Digital Marketing and Business Strategy. He has combined various techniques to create a single powerful technique known as Neuro-Astrology. He is World’s 1st NeuroAstrologer.

He is an ex-IES(Indian Engineering Services) officer. By qualification, he is an Electrical Engineer and MBA (Gold Medallist). He is also a member of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), India and alumni of prestigious institutes like NIT Kurukshetra, ISB Hyderabad and IIM Indore

Nilesh is the author of Amazon #1 Bestseller “7 Secrets to Get Your Dream Life” and has a rich experience of over 23 years. He has worked with many organizations/Institutions of repute. During these years, he has been helping people(professionals/home makers/teachers/students) to come out of their issues. This experience has given him a leading edge to understand and resolve issues of his clients. He has been empowering people, students and organizations through his unique scientific methods of coaching and counselling.

He has developed a holistic approach for life challenges and problems by combining two most powerful techniques – Power of Subconscious Mind with divine science Astrology supported by Healing Frequencies. Using these uniquely designed Neuro Astro Solutions, he has been helping people for past years. This most effective technique has been giving wonderful results and people are getting solutions for all domains of life – Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing, Relationships, Spiritual Progress etc

He is adept in customized workshops in Subconscious Mind Mastery (NLP), Stress Management, Memory and Student NLP, Inner Transformation, Productivity Improvement, Weight Management, Peak Performance, Goal Setting etc and is committed to the overall well-being of individuals, students and the organizations and to help them live a successful and happy life. He helps clients to identify the root cause of their issues, assess them and then customize unique solutions to suit their specific needs to resolve the issues.

His mission is to make the life of at least 1 million people beautiful by helping them to achieve the peak performance in all the fields be it in health, relationships, education, finances or career.